Auto Logout or Expire the session after 5 minutes of user inactivity

Sometimes we need to log out the user or expire his session if he did not perform any interaction with the app for 5 minutes or even If he locks the screen from the lock button. This can be implemented very easily by maintaining a thread(Waiter) which will give alert once 5 minutes are over after last user interaction.

First, create a file AppLockManager like this.

Then create a file DefaultApplock by extending ActivityLifeCycleCallbacks this will provides with lifecycle methods like onActivityResume and onActivityPause etc.

Now Create a Waiter thread which will keep a record of the time that is elapsed after the last user interaction and will provide an alert once that time exceeds 5 minutes.

Now in your base activity Override UserInteraction Method to update the timer for the waiter thread. In this method we will start the timer every time user perform any interaction with the app. getApp() function will be used to get applicationContext().

Now lastly in your application file write this method touch to update userInteraction.

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