Android Filter Recyclerview by using SearchView in ToolBar or actionbar

In this tutorial, we will learn how can we filter the recyclerview item by using the Search view in toolbar or action bar? Recyclerview is the major used component in building the android application. And if the data is very huge then we can not find the specific item by scroll. So we need to filter by name while entering the text on search view. SearchView is an awesome component that provides the search with animated expand and collapse action.

Here is the recommended video which I have implemented search view in this app. Please check this video for better understanding.

Let’s integrate this feature in the sample project. Very first thing we need to add relevant dependencies in your build.gradle file.

Now I need to create the menu_main.xml of item search inside the res/menu folder.

Let’s load the data on recyclerview from a database. I am not going into the deep to load the data from the database. here I suppose that I have fetched the data of the table and loaded into List. As everyone knows that we need to bind the recyclerview item by an adapter. Let’s create the adapter and resource layout to inflate the data on view.

Let’s use this layout for my adapter.

Here I am using the fragment So we need to enable the menu option in onCreate() of Fragment and override the onCreateOptionMenu() to allow searches to filter the recycled view data by using SearchView.

I used MVP design pattern with Dagger2 dependency injection in this sample project. If you want to get the detail of MVP design pattern in Java then Please check this post MVP architectural design pattern with RxJava. Here is the detail about the Dagger2 Dependency Injection.

Wrapping Up: This is the great implementation of RecylerView item filter by using the SearchView in ToolBar. Let’s use this feature in your app to make your application more awesome and powerful.

Here is the Github link for full source code.

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  1. Amit jain says:

    Great tutorial sunil… Can you please guide on how to filter search view if there are two or more lists all placed in different activities….

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