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Firebase User Authentication in android

Firebase authentication in Android is one of the best features to connect users with your application. Firebase is actually cloud that provides the backend. Firebase has own API for communication for example signup and login....


Uplaod a file by using RxUploader in Android

RxUploader is reactive uploader for Android by using RxJava and OkHttp. Upload an image or file is widely used in an android application.  But uploading a file or image is not a simple task...


Upload a file by using retrofit in android

In this tutorial, we will learn how to upload a file on the server by using Retrofit.  Retrofit is the most popular for networking API call. It is very simple and cleaner way API call in the Android application....


Upload a file on Firebase Storage in Android

In Android, Firebase is actually a cloud that provides the backend. Some of those are might know about the backend and some of are not. A backend is basically a database storage to store files and...


How to define static constant fields in Kotlin?

While developing any android application we need to define the bunch of constant fields and variable into the Constant file. As we remembered while building Android application by using Java language, we used

Auto Logout or Expire the session after 5 minutes of user inactivity 2

Auto Logout or Expire the session after 5 minutes of user inactivity

Sometimes we need to log out the user or expire his session if he did not perform any interaction with the app for 5 minutes or even If he locks the screen from the...