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In my last article in python series, We have learned about the Database connection for SQLite of python. If you have not checked the articles of python series then I would be recommended to please check all the articles posted in python category. From the<a ” href=”http://mobologicplus.com/category/python/”> Python category, you can learn all basic and fundamental concept of python. Now the motivation is the same in this article to utilize our awesome day into learning space.

In this python series, we will try to learn about the python threading concert. As we know a thread is playing a very important role in software engineering. But unfortunately, we did not utilize most of the treading concept in our project life. It might be the reason for fear the thread unpredictable behaviors. Most developers like us, we are used 2% of thread concept in any project life. But again in the software industry, the thread is playing an important role in executing any task. It always takes less time in execution in any process because we can distribute the work between the multiple threads easily.

In software Engineering generally,  two kinds of thread are available.

  1. Kernal thread or main thread
  2. User thread

Python Thread Module:

There are two modules which support the usage of threads in Python:

  • thread module and
  • threading module

As we know that everyone has their own legacy to use the python version. Few people are using the version which is less than 3 .0 and some people used the current version or greater 3.0 version. In the python version, 3.0 is depreciated by the Python team and introduced the threading concept which is based on the object-oriented thread concept.

As we know the world is currently sifted on Object-Oriented concept. So the module “thread” treats a thread as a function, while the module “threading” is implemented in an object-oriented way, i.e. every thread corresponds to an object.  So in this python thread concept, we will learn about the threading concept rather than thread concept.

Threading module:

To create user-defined thread class, inherit from “threading. Thread”. Override __init__() and run() methods
Once ‘start()’ is called, “run()” will get triggered as a thread. Threading module provides methods for creating a thread, getting status on threads and creating synchronization objects.


Synchronization methods:

Now the question is what is the Thread Object, Lock Thread Object, Condition Thread Object, Semaphore thread object or Event Object. We will go into the detail of the mentioned Object.

Why I am calling Object every time rather than thread. As we already pointed on the beginning of articles,  thread in python version 3.0 treaded like Object.

Thread Object:

Define thread class and create a new instance of thread class. Let’s see what are methods available in the thread object.

Lock/RLock Object:

Locking based on binary value. (0 or 1). Let’s see what are methods available in the Lock/Rlock object.

Conditional Object:

Provide conditional release of lock and wait. Let’s see what are methods available in the Conditional object.

Semaphore/BoundedSemaphore Object:

It is count-based locking.

Event objects:

It is a mechanism based on True/False flag.

Let’s see by an example of all to understand clearly.

As in the above example, we have played acquiring the lock and releasing the lock of an object. As we know the concept of synchronization once the thread holds the object then other thread cannot access until the thread releases the lock. I hope this illustration will help you to understand the multiple thread concept.


Now we have a good understanding of the Threading module. We have seen methods and a few examples to play around it. If you still having issue or doubts then please add a comment I will try to reply as much possible. In my next python tutorial series, we will learn about the read and write data from XML with examples.

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